【校友分享~ 從古典到爵士樂:說好一個故事的即興】


主講人:蘇郁涵Matt Holman
 Kenji Herbert、Petros Klampanis、
Nathan Ellman-Bell




2015簡美玲鋼琴獨奏會II Mei-Ling Chien Piano Recital II 2015

Mei-Ling Chien Piano Recital II 2015


北藝大專任鋼琴助理教授簡美玲,於德國科隆音樂院獲得演奏文憑Konzertexamen,旅德期間,除了積極參與校內演出活動,並應邀至各地舉辦獨奏會及室內樂演出,獲得極高的評價。三次獲得德國下薩克森州舉辦之國際室內樂夏令營獎學金,於大提琴大師班中擔任專屬伴奏( Klaus Storck , Stanislav Apolin , Raphael Wallfisch , Claus Kanngiesser )及受邀於德國 Iserlohn 舉辦之“ Peter Damm ”法國號國際大賽中擔任指定伴奏。1998年至2001年受聘為科隆音樂院及杜伊斯堡音樂院器樂伴奏。國外音樂家來台演出合作的對象包括小提琴家Christophe Boulier Liviu Prunaru、寧峰、黃濱,大提琴家Stanislav ApolinKlaus StorckReiner Ginzel及低音管家Jesse Read

Joseph Haydn: Piano Sonata in C Major, Hob.XVI:48

Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Sonata No. 7 in D Major, Op.10 No.3

Clara Schumann: Quatre pièces fugitives, Op.15

Robert Schumann: Faschingsschwank aus Wien, Op.26

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【豎琴示範演出&大師班】Chantal Mathieu


主講人: Chantal Mathieu


1.二重奏- Chantal Matieu與管伊文
  Tournier 4 Preludes
  Damase Sonatine 2. and 3.

2.獨奏-Chantal Matieu 
  Tournier 1. Sonatine, 
  Albeniz Mallorca
  Grandjany Rhapsody.

W.A.Mozart: Konzert C-Dur kv299 Andantino

黃婉瑜 Huang,Wan-Yu

Germaine Tailleferre:Sonate pour Harpe

鍾智鈞 Chung,Chih Chun

In all its aspects, Chantal Mathieu’s trajectory displays a very demanding passion for music: all for music, all through music, as one might say.
Since the beginning of her training, she did not content herself with leading an intense and brilliant harpist career; we shall see that she also devoted her time and energy to the conception of numerous solo and chamber music arrangements, to publications, to music research and to the recording of CD’s.
Of French origin and Swiss by marriage, Chantal Mathieu was born in Lille. She is the mother of two daughters.
Her music studies started very early, since already at the age of 5 she was studying solfeggio and music theory at the Lille Conservatory!  One year later she discovered the harp and the piano.  From then on, she never ceased learning and perfecting herself in the art of the harp, a period marked by numerous awards:  she was semi-finalist at the 3rd International Harp Competition in Israel, at the age of 13; the following year, she obtained a 1. Prize of harp at the Paris Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique (CNSM); in 1970, she won the 1st prize at the famous International Harp Contest in Israel, and once again 6 years later, the 1st prize at the Paris International Harp Competition of the „Guilde des Solistes“ with a special “Claude Debussy” prize. Throughout the years, Chantal Mathieu has continued collecting prizes and distinctions while carrying out her professional career started as Principal Harp in the “Concerts Colonne” in Paris at 15! Thereafter she deployed her activity successively in Limoges, again Paris, Amiens and then for 3 years in Hamburg.
In the Hanse town, second city in Germany, she is Principal Harp in the Symphonic Orchestra of the Norddeutscher Rundfunk; at the same time, she teaches harp at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, and at the Musikschule.
1977 marks her establishment in French speaking Switzerland. At the Lausanne Conservatory she teaches harp, chamber music, contemporary music, and even organizes jazz seminars, as she is opened to all musical genres, as well as to the wealth of world music.
She also gives Masterclasses all over the world, from Japanto Australia, Korea, the United Kingdom, Israel, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Russia, theUnited States, Latin America...
But what does she play? and with which conductors? Her eclectic tastes and her vast talent often take her towards creations of contemporary works. One can mention, among many others, the creation in Paris, followed by Switzerland, Italy and Germany, of the Septet „Chantal“ by Franco Donatoni; the World premiere of the complete „Jeux Poétiques en 6 mouvements„ by Jean Françaix; the World premiere performance of works by composers as diverse as Julien-François Zbinden, Jean-Michel Damase, Eric Gaudibert, Bernard Andres, Michel Zbar, Thomas Lauck, Ami Maayani, Michael Jarrell…
But as one knows, the life of a musician is made of travels and tours, and so Chantal Mathieu has moved a lot and played worldwide. One finds her as a soloist with the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra under the baton of Armin Jordan in the United States; with major orchestras like the Berlin Philharmonic or the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande; accompanied by well-known conductors such as Sir Neville Marriner, Emmanuel Krivine, Gerd Albrecht, Horst Stein, Heinz Holliger, Jesus Lopez Cobos …
During this time, she has recorded a rich collection of CD’s, already 20!
Her passion for the harp has led her to preside at the 8th World Harp Congress in Geneva in 2002.
Today, Chantal Mathieu pursues her career as interpreter and professor in the four corners of the world, plus a research work and writing on the beautiful art of Euterpe and on Medicine of Arts- as one has said, all for music, or almost…