【Cello mini concert 】Thomas Landschoot、Liang-Yu Wang

【The mini-concert】

Thomas Landschoot, Cello

Liang-Yu Wang, Piano


L.v.Beethoven: Variations in E flat, WoO46

J.Brahms :Sonata in F major, Op. 99

D.Popper: Requiem
 (Thomas Landschoot劉姝嫥老師、高炳坤老師)

Thomas Landschoot

Praised for his expressive, virtuoso and poetic music making, Belgian cellist Tom Landschoot enjoys an international career as a concert and recording artist and pedagogue. He has toured North America, Europe, South America and Asia and has appeared on national radio and television worldwide.

His solo career started after taking a top prize at the International Cello Competition ‘Jeunesse Musicales’ in 1995 in Bucharest, Romania. He has performed with the National Orchestra of Belgium, the Frankfurt Chamber Orchestra, Tempe Symphony,  Prima la Musica, the Symphony of the Southwest, Shieh Chien Symphony Orchestra, Scottsdale Philharmonic, Flemish Symphony Orchestra, Kaohsiung City Symphony, Loja Symphony Orchestra in Ecuador and the Orchestra of the United States Army Band and has appeared at Barge Music, Park City, Santa Barbara, Mammoth Lakes, Eureka, Utah, Red Rock, Park City, Manchester, Fresno, Madeline Island, Waterloo, Killington and Texas Music Festivals. His recordings are available on Summit, Organic, Kokopelli, ArchiMusic and Centaur Records.

Since 2013, he is a member of the Rossetti Quartet.  He has also performed with the Takacs, Dover and Arianna Quartets and members of the Cleveland, Vermeer, Tokyo, and Orion Quartets. Past collaborations include Lynn Harrell, Peter Wiley, Gilbert Kalich, Cho-Liang Lin, Martin Beaver and Martin Katz. An avid promoter of music of our time, he has commissioned and premiered over 20 new works for cello, including a concerto by Dirk Brosse. Resent engagements included several concerts with the Symphony Orchestra of Flanders with a new concerto of Belgian composer Frank Nuyts.

Tom Landschoot has been involved in interdisciplinary public service projects through his music, such as raising funds and awareness for the need of building an orphanage and hospital in Tamil Nadu, India. As part of this humanitarian project, Landschoot was featured in a documentary film of a cellist performing across India, integrating photography, culinary, journalism and original music compositions.

He has served as a faculty member at the Music Academy of the West in Santa Barbara, Castleman Quartet Program in New York, Killington Music Festival, Meadowmount School of Music, Foulger International Music Festival, High Peaks, Madeline Island, Manchester, Montecito and Texas Music Festival. Landschoot has given master classes at conservatories and universities throughout Asia, the U.S. and Europe and South America.

His students can be found among the ranks of national and international competition winners, occupy principal positions in major orchestras and teach at Universities around the US and abroad.

Tom Landschoot is currently Professor of Cello at Arizona State University, one of the top schools of music in the United States. Prior to joining the music faculty at Arizona State University, Landschoot taught at the University of Michigan. He is the recipient of ASU’s prestigious Herberger College of Fine Arts Distinguished Teaching Award. Landschoot has served on the faculty of the Shieh Chien University in Taipei since 2008.

Tom Landschoot is the founder and the Artistic Director of the Sonoran Chamber Music Festival (www.sonoranchambermusic.com), as well as the President of the Arizona Cello Society.

He Performs on a cello by Tomaso Balestrieri (1776) and a Dominique Pecatte bow.

Liang-Yu Wang 王亮予

活躍於國際舞台的室內樂鋼琴家王亮予, 演出行腳遍及美國, 加拿大, 義大利, 法國, 比利時, 愛爾蘭, 南非, 台灣, 中國. 曾合作的國際級音樂家包括美國交響樂團總監 Leon Botstein, 義大利小提琴家 Federico Agostini, 英國大提琴家 Raphael Wallfisch, 比利時大提琴家 Thomas Landschoot, 美國豎笛家 Todd Palmer, 紐約市立歌劇交響樂團長笛首席 Bart Feller, 聖塔菲音樂節長號首席 Mark Fisher, 羅馬尼亞低音大提琴家 Catalin Rataru ,前明提蘇達交響樂團首席 Jorja Fllezanis, 小提琴家 Joseph Swensen, 小提琴家 Grigory Kalinovsky, 亞歷桑納交響樂團成員, 修士頓交響樂團成員, 及南非好望角愛樂樂團成員等. 近年度曾受邀於加拿大 Banff 音樂節, 義大利 Schlern 音樂節, 美國 Eastern 音樂節, Music Academy of the West 夏季音樂節, Lev Aronson Legacy 大提琴音樂節等地演出. 對於推廣新音樂不遺餘力, 已連續兩年受邀於美國中西部新音樂節 (New Music Festival) 演出與電腦結合之當代音樂. 自取得雅歷桑那州立大學鋼琴合作藝術博士, 王亮予曾於2009年受聘於紐約巴爾德音樂院 (Bard Conservatory of Music) 擔任專職伴奏, 任職期間著重於與知名歌劇聲樂家 Dawn Upshaw 所帶領的聲樂研究所之合作演出; 2011年受聘為印第安納大學音樂系弦樂組鋼琴合作藝術之訪問教授; 2013年起, 任教於西伊利諾大學音樂系. 鋼琴家王亮予與大提琴家 Thomas Landschoot 2011 年發行的 CD “默舞大提琴奏鳴曲集” (Balabille: Cello Sonatas by Debussy, Poulenc & Chopin) 被提名為金曲奬年度最佳古典音樂演出專輯. 2016 6-8, 王亮予受邀擔任法國巴黎西帖國際藝術村駐村藝術家, 駐村期間將演出一系列比利時當代作曲大師 Frank Nuyts 的鋼琴作品, 包括世界首演作曲家為她所寫的第十九號鋼琴奏鳴曲. (相關媒體報導請見欣古典) 更於 2017 年秋, 擔任 WIU 貝多芬音樂節藝術總監一職, 除了主導和策劃音樂節, 同時兼任演奏家身份, 與小提琴家 Katie Wolfe 和大提琴家 Thomas Landschoot 演出全本十首貝多芬小提琴/鋼琴奏鳴曲, 五首大提琴/鋼琴奏鳴曲, 和三首寫給大提琴與鋼琴的變奏曲.